Summer Program

The Learning Center of South Park

This week is our Fun Week! Transitioning from our school year to our summer program. The children will start the week with a trip to Hawaii for a vacation (pretend). To get ready for our trip, we will start by looking at pictures of Hawaii, waterfalls, volcanoes, and the beautiful landscape. Then they will make a list of items they will need to take with them on vacation.

Next, make paper suitcases and look through magazines to find the items on their list to put inside their paper suitcases. They will also make their own airplane tickets to travel.
Finally, set up their classroom as an airplane and up, up and away-fly to Honolulu.
They will do sightseeing, buy souvenirs to take home, and make their own postcards! (pretend)

Lastly, they will do a science experiment and create their own volcano.


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