Our Amazing Teachers

All teachers at our Learning Center are accessible, pleasant, and always professional.
The Learning of South Park has exceptional levels of care – because we are rigorous in our hiring.

Parent Experiences - In Their Own Words

Parents on Facebook share their experiences on child care at The Learning Center.

Professionally Qualified Staff

Our teachers have several years of teaching experience and have at least graduated from Associate, Bachelor, or Master’s degrees in an area relating to early childhood training. These professionals have experienced over 20 years. They are continuously trained to maintain academic skills and date in child development, safety, and health.

Our children serve as judges in our unique hiring process.

We have three interviews at the owner level: the owner, the director, and associates. And we have three interviews at the child level: with the parents, teachers, and colleagues.

For the whole interview process, this individual must spend one hour in the classroom engaging with the children. The answer from the youngsters will offer us valuable information as to whether the candidate is to be granted the job or not.

The foundation of our beliefs is continuous training and development.