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Raising children is a costly proposition for many parentsm and child care can be a significant expense. However, given the high curriculum and levels of care at The Learning Center, many parents find our Orlando daycare rates to be more affordable than perhaps expected. Despite our being one of the best schools in Orlando, our prices are fairly average for preschools in the area.

In stark contrast to the competition, here at The Learning Center of South Park, you will always discover up-to-date prices in clear, easy-to-understand information so you can have the chance to compare it to other Orlando Daycare rates.

Orlando Daycare Rates

We’ll provide our standard Orlando daycare rates in an easy-to-read format on this page. One of our preschool’s main priorities is being open and honest with parents. We want to make sure bringing your child to our daycare will be convenient for you and that you are comfortable and well-informed concerning our childcare costs and expenses.

Orlando Daycare Rates

The Learning Center of South Park offers two different programs:

  • Full Time Preschool 5 days a week, and
  • Morning Preschool 5 days a week.

The VPK (Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) program is subsidized by the State and free to the parents.

We offer 4C (State Subsidy) and NACCRRA (Military Subsidy) for families who are eligible.

Please inquire within the office to know our Orlando daycare rates.

What do Daycare Centers Charge in Orlando?

Daycare fees for children at The Learning Center of South Park are covered on this page. Despite being one of the highest-rated preschools, our pricing remains reasonable and is typical of daycare rates across Orlando. With us, your money is used as effectively as possible.

Most preschools won’t provide actual pricing on their website. In fact, instead of using the same pricing for everyone, a few daycare centers even alter prices based on how much they believe you can afford to pay. We think the fairest approach is to treat all the people the same and provide our actual Orlando Daycare Rates online. Knowing the expenses ahead of time allows you to make an informed decision on childcare.

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Here's What Parents Are Saying About Our Orlando Learning Center

Parents love us – these are some of the many 5-star reviews on Facebook.

Debora Francis
Debora Francis@Orlandolearningcenter
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Oh my goodness! My child has been here for the past 2 months. Her life has changed completely. I keep saying this to everyone since she has learned so much and her behavior has improved tremendously. Everything about this place is perfect. Security is amazing, curriculum and also they treat the children with so much love. They teach them with a positive approach to everything. They help them channel their feelings and use their words. I honestly wish I would've given my daughter the opportunity of starting at The Learning Center at a younger age and that they had Kindergarten and all the other grades that follow. Mrs. Hellen, Mrs. Fio, Mrs. Marlene (her wonderful teacher) and all the other ladies in the staff are just amazing. Thank you so much for all the love, effort and care you have for my princess.
Gabi Sorgon
Gabi Sorgon@Orlandolearningcenter
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Our son is 1 year old and he’s a student of TLC of South Park since he was 6m. He loves the school, his teachers, his friends. We are very grateful for all the care they have with our precious son.
Arielys Ayuyu
Arielys Ayuyu@Orlandolearningcenter
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My son recently started VPK at TLC of South Park, and he loves it so much! He is learning something new everyday and having so much fun that he doesn’t want to come home sometimes. We love how clean the facility is. Also love the indoor playground which means even on rainy days or too cold days, there’s still play time! Thank you TLC for taking great care of my son and getting him ready for kindergarten.
Jc Meiller
Jc Meiller@Orlandolearningcenter
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This is a day care that provides a nurturing, educational environment to children ages 6 weeks old to 5 years old. The staff is very friendly and really constructive in building up the children to be confident and smart. The curriculum is innovative and beneficial to the child because it requires the child to be a part of the learning process. The curriculum is called the High Scope curriculum with the Reggio Emilia teaching approach. It is also a very clean facility with the teachers cleaning the facility during the day and a janitorial service coming every night to clean up the day care. If you want your child to be nurtured, loved, fed, cared for, happy and educated, bring them to either the TLC of South Park or the TLC of Dr. Phillips. There is too many good things to be said about the TLC daycares!

Choose Our Mornings Program 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Half Day Orlando Daycare Rates


 First ChildSibling
5 Days Per Week: Bi-weekly$380$350
Deposit (Initial Registration)$190
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$114$105

1 Year Old

First ChildSibling
5 Days Per Week: Bi- weekly$350$320
Deposit (Initial Registration)$175
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$105$96

2 Years Old

First ChildSibling
5 Days Per Week: Bi-weekly$340$310
Deposit (Initial Registration)$170
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$102$93

3, 4 & 5 Years Old

First ChildSibling
5 Days Per Week: Bi-weekly$330$300
Deposit (Initial Registration)$165
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$99$90

VPK & Full Time

First Child
5 Days Per Week: Bi- weekly$190
Deposit (Initial Registration)$95
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$57

Or, Choose Our Full Time Program 6:30 am - 6:30 pm

Full Day Orlando Daycare Rates


First ChildSibling
5 Days Per Week: Bi-weekly$500$470
Deposit (Initial Registration)$250
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$150$141

1 Year Old

First ChildSibling
5 Days Per Week: Bi- weekly$450$420
Deposit (Initial Registration)$225
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$135$126

2 Years Old

First ChildSibling
5 Days Per Week: Bi-weekly$440$410
Deposit (Initial Registration)$220
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$132$123

3, 4 & 5 Years Old

First ChildSibling
5 Days Per Week: Bi-weekly$430$400
Deposit (Initial Registration)$215
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$129$120

VPK & Full Time

First Child
5 Days Per Week: Bi- weekly$290
Deposit (Initial Registration)$145
Weekly Holding Fee (Must be absent Mon - Fri)$87

The Learning Center of South Park Fees And Discounts

Annual Fees

Full Year Registration Fee$115$100
Half Year Registration Fee (Starting March 1)$75
Early Registratio Fee (For EXISTING STUNDENTS only and only for specific dates)$90$105
Webcam Access Fee - Family (Annually)$200
Webcam Access Fee - Family (One time set up + weekly)$100 setup fee + $5 weekly

Other Fees

Early Drop Off / Late Pick Up$6 per half hour
After Hours$1 per minute after closing time
Manual Check in/out$1 per incident per child
Returned Check$40


Sibling$15 per week
Military$15 per week
Teacher$15 per week

What Are Orlando Daycare Rates Near Me?

Naturally, this is a question many parents ask as they get ready for preschool. Though our Orlando daycare rates shown above are pretty competitive, it is helpful to get a sense of the approximate preschool expenses near you.

The cost of daycare will be different if you are located outside of Orlando. The easiest way to obtain the lowest rates is to contact a nearby childcare facility. 

Look for a daycare with great parental feedback – there’s no point in getting prices for generic daycare when it’s quality preschool care you really want. If the school has excellent ratings on social media, this provide you with an idea of the general costs.

Our Orlando daycare rates are not being too different from other childcare rates. While we understand that you are considering a budget, it is imperative to confirm the childcare’s quality and make sure that it will be worth it.

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