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Are you looking for a list of the best daycares in Orlando? Though sensitive to the fact that some parents want to raise their children on their own, it is essential to realize that while children are still young and in need of supervision, they cannot do without professional child care. With almost 8 million working mothers in the country (US Census Bureau, 2009), the need for childcare centers has become an essential factor in modern society.

With parents working to make a living, their children need to learn, grow and socialize during the day. This way they can learn more about life skills and how to mix with others better. After all, one of the best ways to teach is through imitation, and what better way to learn about life than from children of the same age?

Daycares in Orlando play an integral part in the development of children. Though some people argue that parents are enough, they fail to realize that a professional child care school provides a different experience. After all, it would be rather difficult for one person to monitor and teach a dozen children simultaneously.

Also, parents who can afford to do so may opt to put their children into daycares in Orlando that provide education. The benefit here is for the child. Some children might not get adequate learning from parents or go to school; however, they will have no problem getting the education they need in a preschool.
Preschool is essential because it can teach children how to find ways around situations and problem solve on their own, encourage them to socialize with other children, and learn from other children about life skills such as doing household chores. Parents also get peace of mind knowing that their child is safe and under the supervision of someone else.

Early Learning Centers offer a range of unique advantages and disadvantages. Parents in Orlando need to know about how these facilities work before choosing one.
They may choose from public, private, and home-based Orlando nurseries. Orlando child care centers can be an essential resource for parents with young children. 
Parents need to consider how much daycares in Orlando will cost them before choosing a facility.
Choosing the best daycare can be difficult, but knowing the facts helps. These preschools offer various features that children enjoy. Some of it are open for extended periods to accommodate parents’ work schedules.

Also, daycares in Orlando can be found with widely diverse educational focuses, allowing parents to find the best learning environment for their children. Services also typically offer meals and snacks at no additional fees. Before choosing daycares in Orlando, learning about these facilities can help you feel more confident about their options.
You also need to understand all your options before choosing a facility for your children.


Does it really matter where daycares in Orlando are located? The short answer is absolutely. Parents often look for a school as a convenience to work and live in and provide excellent care for their children. It’s essential that these preschools are located near grocery stores, clinics and parks so the child can benefit from walking to them. Childcare centers near grocery stores will allow children access to healthy food options. It will also provide an excellent and convenient way for parents to get their little one’s favorite snacks and drinks delivered right before pick up.

While daycares in Orlando near clinics will provide quick and easy wellness visits for the child. Preschools near parks will provide opportunities for fun family activities.
Parents looking for a preschool will be happy to see that Orlando learning centers are near all of these essential amenities, ensuring their child is given the best care they could ask for. 

Benefits of Daycares In Orlando

 As a parent, you know that taking care of your little one while working is not simple at all. There are lots of things to prepare daily. They will wear clothes for school, organize books and school bags, snacks to take while commuting, and toys to play with during their free time after lunch until sleepy time. Not only that but you should also make sure that they are eating healthy. And the list goes on.

Taking care of them will need your time, effort, and money. That is why parents often seek for childcare school benefits to ease their daily parental responsibilities.

Children are in a vulnerable state and need a place where they can feel protected. This is why daycare facilities provide essential benefits for their safety to parents. Some of the benefits include:

Complimentary Breakfast

The meal you should give your children every morning is usually high in sugar content due to the many commercialized bowls of cereal available in the market today. As a responsible parent, you should provide your little ones with nutritious and healthy food to grow up strong and healthy. Since daycare providers are experts regarding children’s nutritional needs, they strictly monitor what children eat during their stay at the facilities.

This is why some of daycares in Orlando have healthy menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is an excellent way to ensure that the children do not have difficulty adjusting to new foods at their schools or any other institutions they will be enrolled in.

Free Snacks

Daycares in Orlando also give snacks as part of their daily activities to ensure that your children remain healthy and eat regularly. It is also an excellent way to deal with children who are always hungry, even if it’s not time for them to eat. Some facilities provide snacks similar to what the children usually have during snack time at home, while others allow their children to try different kinds of foods just so they become accustomed to trying new tastes.

School Bag and Other Stationeries

Daycares In Orlando

How can you expect your little one to study if they do not have the proper school supplies? And how are they going to get them without your help, especially when you are busy with work and other family matters? Instead of purchasing school bags, notebooks, and other learning tools by yourself, let your little ones stay in early learning centers where they will be provided with all the necessities they need for their studies. Some preschool in Orlando also give backpacks to children attending summer camp or sleepover programs so that they can bring more clothes and other essential items during their stay.

School Uniforms

Speaking of uniforms, this is another benefit that most parents look for in a daycare facility. Not only is it easy for you to prepare your child’s school outfit every day, but the children will also start getting used to wearing uniforms just like their peers from school. There is no need to worry about what your children will wear on Mondays or Fridays because they have already been taken care of by their child care providers.

Free Transportation

Most daycares in Orlando don’t offer it, but it’s a plus if they do.

The school bus we know today is more than just a place where children can ride to go back home after their classes are done for the day. It also serves as an effective way of conveying them to and from school without parents worrying about anything else. This is why most daycares in Orlando usually provide transportation services for children who are not yet old enough to commute. This is also beneficial for parents working late because the children will be transported safely even when it’s already dark outside.


Children are naturally curious about everything in this world. They want to try new things and crave more knowledge of everything they see and feel. Aside from teaching them about numbers, shapes, and letters, child care centers also engage children in doing arts and crafts, playing musical instruments, and many other things that broaden their skillset and help them become more intelligent. So in choosing daycares in Orlando, consider this one, too.

Free Playground

While parents may think of playgrounds as a way to let children expend all the energy they have during recess time, these are more than just a place to enjoy physical activities. Daycares in Orlando also use playgrounds for other purposes, such as letting them try their hands-on piloting or steering wheel-like stuff. This is usually done by adjusting the height of the playground equipment so that children can get used to playing with cars and other objects that are similar to what adults typically use in their work.

Free entertainment, transportation, school uniforms, and other learning tools are just some reasons why parents should consider enrolling their children at activity centers even before they reach the age of 3. The earlier you let your little ones get used to attending school-like programs, the more prepared and confident they will be once it is time for them to go to formal educational institutions that offer higher learning.

Please also remember that your preferred childcare school may not have it all but it doesn’t mean that they are not one of the best. Not all daycares in Orlando can have it, to have at least 2 – 3 of these benefits is already great.

Staff Experience

Daycares in Orlando that cater to the educational needs of children need to make sure that they have experienced and great staff on board. Inexperienced or poorly qualified teachers can result in low-quality service.
The school should be a well-oiled machine, but without good teachers, the business will go broke trying to meet the needs of children and parents. Great teachers have many years under their belt and can deliver quality services.

It’s also important to hire teachers who are familiar with children. 
Having trained child care school teachers can also mean that these specialists can meet the needs of each child in their care without incurring too much cost. With proper training, teachers can target each child’s needs and work with them accordingly. This also means that these children will be more likely to have academic excellence.

One way to check if your preferred daycare offers excellent service is by checking their social media accounts. You may check what parents are saying about them.

If you want to see how grateful parents are for our child care school, feel free to check our Facebook reviews.


The main goal of the school curriculum is to provide students with the education they need to be successful in life. Math, English, science, social studies, and the arts should be included in the curriculum.
The curriculum and childcare program should be designed to be long-term and customized to meet each child’s specific requirements.
Daycare providers must adhere to a curriculum to acquire the education necessary to broaden their knowledge and develop their abilities.
To make an informed decision regarding daycares in Orlando, be sure to ask questions about the schools and curriculum offered there. Inquire about their program as well so that you can evaluate the advantages of the childcare you select.


Consider the following factors when narrowing down your list of daycares in Orlando. A school that offers a secure atmosphere while also teaching the children new topics is a significant factor.
Staffing preschool facilities with competent workers trained to deal with crises is a need for the industry. All team members should act promptly in the event of an emergency by following appropriate safety procedures. They must remove children from a potentially dangerous setting and soothe them before calling the child’s parents.

Early childhood education and the early development of children must be taught by trained people who have previous expertise in childcare. Preschool staff members should constantly be up to date on the most recent research on child development and potential safety risks for young children.
A set of basic rules at the childcare center addresses food safety, equipment security, cleanliness, and health policy. Daycares in Orlando place a high value on children’s protection.
Employees at the facilities are educated on safety procedures.

Daycares in Orlando must have a safety plan, which all workers must adhere to whether on the playground or within the facility. Employees at the preschool do more than simply stroll about the grounds; they engage in play activities with the children and help them with their daily tasks.
Every staff will carefully monitor children and be on hand when necessary to prevent any potential safety risks.
Parents should not be afraid to inquire about the safety precautions at the facility with which they are familiar. Staff members should be happy to answer questions and offer comfort that their facility is a safe place for them.


How much does our service cost?

Here at The Learning Center of South Park, we always want to be transparent and straightforward with parents. That’s why we provide detailed pricing table. Only few daycares in Orlando are giving clear data even you book your meeting with them.

What Curriculum are you following?

To be considered as one of best daycares in Orlando, our curriculum is based on the interests of the children as defined by the teachers. The High Scope curriculum is used because it appropriately depicts how children learn. The Reggio Emilia approach to education has influenced us. Allowing infants, toddlers and preschoolers to live happily in their young environment and encouraging them to find and pursue their self-chosen pathways to knowledge and maturity is perhaps the most challenging thing any parent or teacher must master. 


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