A Complete Review of the Best Daycares in Orlando, Florida

best daycares in Orlando

It was estimated that 67.9% of U.S children were enrolled in some form of aftercare in 2018. Since then, this number has gone up since more families are returning to the office following the COVID-19 lockdowns. And if you’re a parent of a young child, you know how stressful it can be to find high-quality childcare. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the best daycares in Orlando! If you want to give your child the best care in Orlando, then keep reading!

What Credentials Should I Look for When Looking at the Best Daycares in Orlando?

When looking for the best daycares in Orlando, you need to look at five key factors:


  • Price
  • Education levels 
  • Cleanliness 
  • Safety
  • Fully-licensed 

These five factors are essential because you want to have the peace of mind that your child will be safe and thriving in a new environment. Thatswhy it’s crucial to find a facility that enriches your child’s development. So when looking at the best child care in Orlando, you might see the name “pre-school.”

This indicates that the facility places a lot of value on early development and education. And as far as licensing goes, Florida requires all daycare centers to have proper background screening for their workers. They also have to apply for licensing before they’re open to the public!

Best Daycares In Orlando Florida

1. The Learning Center of South Park 

Coming in at number one is, of course, our facility. This may seem a little biased, but we have the credentials and happy families to back up our claims and consider our center as one of the best daycares in Orlando.

For starters, we place education very high on our list. We have what we call a “High Scope” curriculum. This means the child’s interests are fully supported and encouraged by their teachers.

Not to mention, all of our teachers are thoroughly vetted and trained to provide your child with the best care in Orlando. We believe in a hands-on approach to learning. So all of our activities allow the children to use their full senses. 

We also provide care for all children under the age of 5! And all of our classes are small. Therefore, your child will always receive the care they need without feeling left out.

Here at The Learning Center, we have rules and regulations regarding our teachers and how they interact with the children. For starters, all teachers must understand child development and how these stages affect their perception of the world. 

Teachers are not allowed to direct children towards a particular behavior or idea. Instead, we believe that children should be guided and encouraged to pursue a specific idea or behavior. And every day, your child will be able to choose what goal they want to accomplish. 

We also disinfect our areas regularly to avoid the spread of germs and bacteria. This is especially important since were living in a post-pandemic world! Lastly, we are fully licenses, and our prices match our exceptional services.

2. The Learning Place Academy Orlando

This Academy is also one of the best daycares in Orlando, Florida. The Learning Place Academy is family-owned and operated! They have been in business since 1971, and they currently employ 11-50 staff members!

So it’s a smaller-sized daycare. Nevertheless, their program and curriculum speak for themselves. Their philosophy is a play-based approach that allows the child to grow their socializing and developmental skills.

They also place a hard emphasis on academia. Therefore, all of their classes are designed to enrich your child’s brain upon entering. They also offer extended care before and after school hours. And they have transportation services!

Overall, The Learning Place deserves to be in second place because of its great prices and attention to detail!

3. Kids Place Preschool

Orlando child care providers all believe in the same values: safety, cleanliness, and education. And Kids Place Preschool is no expectation! This establishment is also family-owned, and it was founded in 1985!

So they have many years of industry knowledge and experience to make them our top three contenders for one of the best daycares in Orlando, Florida. They offer affordable childcare to anyone in need but with an intimate feel!

They also have bilingual teachers! Therefore, if your child requires a Spanish-speaking caregiver, they can provide that for them. Their learning approach is very similar to The Learning Place, with their philosophy being play-based but with an academic touch. Overall, you can ensure your child will have a safe and fun time at this facility!

4. Center for Autism of Florida Corp

If you have a child with Autism, we know how hard it can be to find the best kindergarten in Orlando. Luckily, the Center for Autism of Florida provides exceptional care for children with special needs.

The Center for Autism believes in providing informative and emotional-behavioral services to students. And if you have an older child, this daycare center also provides services for middle-school-aged children!

This center is entirely centered around providing care for special needs children by guiding them through their emotional and physiological responses. The philosophy for this center is play-based. 

The only negative of this center is that they have a 1:30 teacher/student ratio! So if your child needs extra care, this area may not be the best. But if you are now looking for the best daycares in Orlando, you might also want to consider it.

5. Adore Kidz Academy

Operating since 2016, Adore Kidz Academy is definitely on our list for the best daycares in Orlando. Their philosophy is to provide exceptional care that leaves the child happy and feeling safe. 

Their classrooms nourish the child’s social and cognitive behaviors by providing the necessary tools for healthy development. They also believe that a balanced diet positively affects a child’s ability to think and act. Therefore, they provide three nutritious meals a day!

Lastly, this daycare center also believes in providing children with outdoor activities. So if you’re child has any outdoor allergies, you must consider this since recess is part of their daily schedule.

6. Chai Jewish Preschool

We thought it would be helpful to include at least one religious daycare center in our guide. The best daycares in Orlando are usually non-religious based. However, Chai Jewish Preschool is one of the best religious-based centers in the area.

They offer infant, toddler, and kindergarten programs that include Jewish values. Their curriculum is centered around art, music, and story-telling with a religious background. 

They also place a high value on safety. Therefore, they have a high-security building with cameras and doors that lock automatically. Lastly, they also offer mommy and me classes for infants to children five years of age. With these, it is really one of the best daycares in Orlando, Florida.

7. Cranium Academy

Cranium Academy deserves a spot in our guide for the best daycares in Orlando. They provide exceptional care for infants. With their preschool program for children two to five years of age, their advanced curriculum involves critical thinking and team-building skills.

The elementary school also provides children with math, social studies, music, reading, art, and even foreign languages! Lastly, they also offer opportunities for field trips and holidays camps. 

8. KinderCare Orlando

When looking at the best daycares in Orlando, you will come across KinderCare. This facility offers care for infants and pre-kindergarten children.

Their curriculum involves a play-based approach that inspires the children to grow and learn at their own pace. More specially, the pre-school curriculum combines early academia such as math and English– and social-emotional development.

And the infant and toddler curriculum focuses on language development with a hands-on approach. Lastly, KinderCare believes in independent play and learning. So your child will never be enforced or directed towards something they don’t feel comfortable doing.

9. Loving Earth Preschool and Development Center

You won’t finish your best daycares in Orlando lists without this school. Loving Earth Preschool and Development Center provides education and cares for infants under six weeks to children eight years of age.

Their curriculum involves art, math, technology, science, and even sign language! They also offer gymnastics and dance classes for older children. And what makes this facility part of our list of the best daycares in Orlando is that they provide a character development program.

This program teaches young children how to be more respectful, build friendships, be honest, and be generous.

10. Growing Together Academy

Last but not least, we have the Growing Together Academy on our list for the best daycares in Orlando! This family-owned facility and private school provide extended hours for all families!

They don’t offer infant care, but they do provide care for toddlers and pre-school-aged children.  The curriculum covers science, dance, language, writing, math, and music!

They also offer free VPK and before and after school programs. Lastly, they also provide children with a healthy meal to keep them energized throughout the day.

The Best Daycares in Orlando at Your Convenience 

Now that you know about the best daycares in Orlando, you can begin enrolling your child! But always remember to ask for recommendations from past members, family, and friends. This way, you know you’ve made the best decision possible for your child.

But if you’re ready to enroll in one of the best daycares in Orlando, contact us today to schedule a tour.


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