7 Tips on Choosing a Daycare Center for Parents in Orlando

choosing a daycare center

4.8 million children attend a preschool or daycare facility. Just because they attend one doesn’t mean the one they attend is good.

Your child is the most precious part of your life. As they grow older, you want to ensure their safety and livelihood in every way possible. 

If you are worried about sending your kid to daycare, here’s a guide to choosing a daycare center that’s perfect for you.


It is important to choose a daycare that will be following an educated curriculum. Daycare should be an educational experience, as well as fun. You should find out what their day-to-day activities look like and how a curriculum and education will add to that. 

A daycare should not be a loose schedule where the kids and staff do whatever they want. Following a strict schedule can get your child used to routine and prepare them for what will happen.

Focus on choosing a center that will follow a given schedule while giving exceptions for fun occasions. 

Talk to the Staff

There’s only so much about a center that a website can tell you. Talking to the staff, on the phone, and in person will give you the ability to see who they really are.

This is where you can ask any questions that might be important to you. This also allows you to interview the different teachers and workers that are there. You can see who will be handling your child. 

Doing your research by scanning their website and talking to them can also let you know whether they are a licensed daycare center or not. Some daycare centers may be illegitimate and not be properly licensed. Some could even have a fake license. 

Conducting some interviews with the staff can expose this. You want to feel confident in sending your child to a licensed facility. 

Surprise Them

You can easily schedule a guided and prepped tour of the daycare. There are chances that the daycare may have prepared for you and be on better behavior than normal.

This is why it’s important to drop by unexpectedly so you can see the real atmosphere of the center and how things are run. Dropping by without notice will give them no time to hide things or make a rehearsed performance. 

Consider Your Child’s Interests

You want to check on many things for your own sanity, but you should also consider what your child wants.

What kind of activities do they do? Do they have story-time? Field trips? Crafts? 

Make sure your daycare offers fun options for your children; that way, daycare is a positive experience instead of a negative one. 

If your child does not enjoy it, they will not want to go back, making it much harder to get them to cooperate.  Ease your own life and your child’s by making sure the daycare has fun options. 

The Cost

Consider the cost of the daycare you choose and if it fits your budget. Make sure you check the tuition rates and if there will be any hidden costs or supplies that will add to your expenses. 

Get the daycare to be upfront and honest with you, and hold them to if there are any extra costs after enrollment that the school did not warn you about. You don’t want to choose a daycare you can’t afford and might need to pull your child from. 

Policies and Procedures

Check the daycare’s policies and procedures and ask questions about them when you go on your tour. 

What is their discipline policy? What do they do if a child acts out? How do they handle sickness? Are the staff certified in medical procedures like CPR? 

The last thing you want is for your child to be handled incorrectly in the case of emergency or disciplinary action. 

You will also want to consider the security procedures each daycare has. How can you be assured that they won’t give your child to just anybody that comes to pick them up? Do they allow strangers into the center? Do they have security guards around the property to ensure safety? 

These are all things you should know and have clarity about before enrolling your child. 


Lastly, and this is why visits are important, check out the environment your child will be in. 

Find out if it’s a positive atmosphere and a clean environment. See what kind of snacks and food your child will be getting and if the food is handled in a germ-free manner. 

Your child can be negatively impacted if there is a poor environment. They will bring that attitude back home, and it will be hard to manage.

You may want to ask about their sick policies to see how they handle viruses. You don’t want your child to come back with a dangerous sickness. 

Can I Be Confident in Choosing a Daycare Center?

It may seem scary after hearing all the things you have to check and double-check. Once you get to know your daycare, you’ll be much more confident in your choice.

At the Learning Center of South Park, we will ensure that you and your child’s safety, education, and happiness are our top priority. We will make choosing a daycare center easy for you. 

If you are looking to enroll your child or find out more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today to help. 


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