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TLC is open every day of the year except for national holidays. We recognize that you have a choice and would appreciate the chance to demonstrate the benefits of our program. We invite you to learn more about the care we offer for our children, our curriculum, and how we are intended to help your child prepare for Kindergarten.

Our Proud Parents: See What They Have To Say

Oh my goodness! My child has been here for the past 2 months. Her life has changed completely. I keep saying this to everyone since she has learned so much and her behavior has improved tremendously. Everything about this place is perfect. Security is amazing, curriculum and also they treat the children with so much love. They teach them with a positive approach to everything. They help them channel their feelings and use their words.
I honestly wish I would’ve given my daughter the opportunity of starting at The Learning Center at a younger age and that they had Kindergarten and all the other grades that follow.
Mrs. Hellen, Mrs. Fio, Mrs. Marlene (her wonderful teacher) and all the other ladies in the staff are just amazing.
Thank you so much for all the love, effort and care you have for my princess.
Debora Francis
This is a day care that provides a nurturing, educational environment to children ages 6 weeks old to 5 years old. The staff is very friendly and really constructive in building up the children to be confident and smart. The curriculum is innovative and beneficial to the child because it requires the child to be a part of the learning process. The curriculum is called the High Scope curriculum with the Reggio Emilia teaching approach.
It is also a very clean facility with the teachers cleaning the facility during the day and a janitorial service coming every night to clean up the day care.
If you want your child to be nurtured, loved, fed, cared for, happy and educated, bring them to either the TLC of South Park or the TLC of Dr. Phillips. There is too many good things to be said about the TLC daycares!
Jc Meiller
Our son is 1 year old and he’s a student of TLC of South Park since he was 6m. He loves the school, his teachers, his friends. We are very grateful for all the care they have with our precious son.
Gabi Sorgon
My son recently started VPK at TLC of South Park, and he loves it so much! He is learning something new everyday and having so much fun that he doesn’t want to come home sometimes. We love how clean the facility is. Also love the indoor playground which means even on rainy days or too cold days, there’s still play time! Thank you TLC for taking great care of my son and getting him ready for kindergarten.
Arielys Ayuyu


It is our utmost priority to ensure the health, well-being, and safety of your children.

To enter our facility, an access code must be typed on the front door keypad.

TLC’s warm, caring environment provides comfort to children. TLC is a firm believer in and enforcer of direct supervision. Our facility follows the DCF suggested teacher-to-child ratio to provide better child monitoring and safety.

Our preschool is continuously checked to ensure that there are no safety risks and that the learning environment is as conducive as possible. Our DCF inspection reports are available at

Only approved parents and guardians are permitted to pick up the child, as recorded in the child’s file or on the daily permission sheet. When picking up the child, authorized people will be required to provide a photo ID.

There are plans in place to cope with both significant and minor crises. At TLC, cleanliness is apparent. Even young children should wash their hands often throughout the day, particularly before eating and after playing. When cooking, feeding, or changing children, we always make sure to use rubber gloves. All equipment, cots, supplies, and toys are sterilized and cleaned more often than is needed.

Every employee is examined, from the primary instructor to the volunteers who assist daily. The necessary background checks and fingerprints are completed quickly. All of the rooms, as well as the playground, have video surveillance cameras. These cameras are used to keep an eye on the children and supervise the personnel. The TV monitor may be found in the management office. Our office and receptionist desk are situated so that we can keep a close eye on the front door. Each room has an intercom system that allows you to communicate from any location on our grounds.

Fire drills are held once or twice a month at various times throughout the day. The evacuation of the building is evaluated, and remedial action is made to improve the procedure. The weather channel radio is always on to keep track of any critical weather circumstances.

Procedures are taken to bring children to safety in the event of an actual natural disaster. 911 will be called in certain situations. If the police order it, we will leave the building, and the teachers will keep count of the number of children in their care. A master list of parents is kept up to date, along with their contact phone numbers, and will be utilized to contact them. Teachers and/or office staff will remain with the children until the last one is taken up by an approved parent or another authorized person.

When the police department contacts the school to warn of an emergency outside the school that may endanger our children’s safety, it is known as a lockdown or reverse 911. TLC verifies the situation and approves the lockdown process in the case of an emergency that necessitates it. All doors and windows are locked, and the youngsters are gathered in the building’s center. When TLC gets instructions that everything is back to normal, TLC pupils are returned to their respective classes.

In a power outage, we shall stay in the classrooms and continue with our regular activities. If the power goes out for an extended length of time and threatens the children’s safety, the parents or other authorized people will be notified.

We send out a monthly email to parents to keep them informed about upcoming events and activities. The instructors give a daily schedule of activities (lesson plans) in the child’s folder for morning and full-day sessions. The lesson plan outlines the activities that the students will do in that morning or afternoon.

Knowing what your child does throughout the day enables you to reinforce and promote similar subjects and activities at home. This level of uniformity ensures that your child’s learning process remains consistent. If you observed that her instructor spoke about spiders in her lesson plan, you might try to remark that on your way to the vehicle, you came across this enormous spider with so many legs. She’ll probably stop you from telling you how many legs you have and even ask you what color they are. You’ve begun the process of communication that will enable your child to show both what she understands for a fact and what she can conjure up in her fantastic imagination.


We know how well children do when they had tasty, healthy meals and given plenty of opportunities to engage in gross motor exercises. We offer your child healthy AM snacks at no extra charge. It is already included in their tuition fees.

Our meals are designed to fulfill the nutritional needs of children while also offering cuisine that they like. Would you mind mentioning any food allergies, religious or particular dietary requirements that need your child to bring food from home at the time of registration? Also, if you want to bring special gifts for special occasions (holidays, birthdays, etc. ), speak with our office manager.


TLC keeps any information provided with them in absolute confidentiality. Information on your child’s health, family status, address, phone numbers, and other personal information is only shared with The Learning Center workers who are directly engaged with your child and on a need-to-know basis. No info about one child, including phone numbers and addresses for birthday celebrations, is shared with the parents of another child.


It is essential that s a parent, you and your child’s teacher must communicate often. We provide new children the first-day report to let you know how their first day went. We offer suggestions to help your children cope with separation anxiety by giving them particular extra attention.

We encourage regular conversations on your child’s activities and offer a written report when unusual circumstances arise throughout the day. When required, daily observations of your child’s behavior are recorded until a pattern can be established and the best way to promote your child’s growth can be determined.

When the teacher or parents have concerns about the child’s conduct or development, we arrange one-on-one conferences. We host an open house once a year during enrollment season and have an open-door policy all year.



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