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Hello, and welcome to The Learning Center of South Park! We are a preschool and childcare center focused on early childhood education. Families who want the best for their children find us an excellent fit for their needs.

The Learning Center of South Park utilizes the High Scope curriculum to educate and employs the Reggio Emilia Approach for teaching. Even if a parent or teacher wants to support their child as they pursue knowledge, the first thing they must do is enable the youngster to be comfortable in their way.

Our excellent public relations come directly from parent recommendations. See below for personal comments from the many parents who have partnered with us in their child’s care and education.

Make an informed decision about the best curriculum for your child by learning about our excellent programs and curriculum.

You may contact us at (407) 363-9325 to talk with Director Helen or book a free tour.

Here's What Parents Have To Say About Our Learning Center:

Parents on Facebook regularly give us positive feedback. (We have a five-star rating!) See below for their comments about our daycare services.

haley bachoo
5 reviews

6 months ago

My daughter started here last month & I see a complete change from her last daycare she attended. You can tell they really care about their students & I really appreciate that even when she is not in school they still check on her well- being. I also love how clean the school is and how they keep up with hand washing. A special thank you too Ms. Helen & Ms. Rosita and my daughters teachers! We really love this daycare!
Doina Scobioala
3 reviews
9 months ago
We LOVE this location! I was a new mom bringing her child to school for the first time and it was so hard. He was 2.5 and by that time his English was zero. The staff was very friendly and patient. Now he speaks fluently and I am so happy with that school. Ms Helen, the director of the school, is very helpful and responsive to any concerns that I may have. My son loves the school and his friends. The cameras help as well, I can watch my son any time
Andrei oborocean
2 reviews
9 months ago
Excellent location, excelente staff specially teachers. We LOVE this school! They truly care for your child like they are your own. The staff is friendly and regularly communicate with parents. I love the fact that I can see her any time I want to from the cameras in every room, and I can call at any time to speak to the director or her teachers. My Daughter loves going to school every morning and is always excited to show us what he learned or created during the day. I recommend it to every parent I know.

Our Values, Philosophy & Goals

The TLC program is based on the idea that children must be active participants in their learning. Our surroundings provide opportunities for exploration and discovery. They encourage development of physical health, motor skills, social/emotional skills, language/communication skills, emergent literacy, cognitive abilities, and general knowledge. A well-equipped and secure playground provides excellent possibilities for developing gross motor skills and the promotion of free and symbolic play. Computer and sporting programs offer additional services. There is a graphical depiction of the learning process mentioned below that you may look at.

We first get to know our new students and understand their learning styles to assess their unique requirements better. Then, we record an evaluation of the child’s abilities and that we have documented via observations, using the Brigance and Gold assessment tools. Although this is done every time a child starts school, it is mainly and typically done at the start and end of the school year and on their birthdays and discussed individually with the parents.

The Philosophy

We look for areas of knowledge that the children are interested in. We create a list of interest-based topics raised by the students, which we then arrange into projects that we work on during the school year. The projects are discussed with parents to ensure that they understand what will be achieved and get their support and participation. We monitor the children’s interests regularly and adjust the length and timing of projects as needed. To enhance the learning process, we also build on emerging initiatives. Each project includes a high-level project plan to guarantee that materials and participation are accessible. The comprehensive study and development are done in cooperation with the children at the lesson plan level, and it is constantly updated as required.

To build the abilities and milestones that children should achieve each birthday, we use the Florida School Readiness Standards. After deciding on a project, we create a knowledge chart (what do the kids want to learn about) and a Skill Diagram (what skills the children need to work on). While each project focuses on developing particular abilities, the activities of the weekly lesson plans cover all of the aspects of growth listed above. This material is created using the High Scope curriculum’s core learning experiences and is implemented in the classroom using the High/Scope Daily Schedule.

We think that the program’s quality is continuously increasing. A decent program will never be enough for us. It will have to improve. To that end, we are requesting that parents of preschool graduates provide a copy of their child’s report card to the Kindergarten teacher. Once the kid feels at ease in the classroom, the K. teacher will observe and record the results of the observations on the report card. It’s sent back to TLC for analysis after it’s finished. The data is analyzed, and conclusions are made to see whether our curriculum needs to be revised to remove or reduce any weak areas in our program.



Improve and develop The Learning Center of South Park to a model preparatory daycare that:

  • Learning occurs via learning for the students (high-scope curriculum) and through a teaching method that follows the principles of Reggio Emilia, And
  • prepares the child to fulfill the Florida Kindergarten standards that are widely accepted across the state..


  • Continue to grow enrollment at the South Park center
  • Provide a safe, efficient and nurturing environment
  • Promote a continuous education of the staff
  • Evolve TLC curriculum to result in students meeting the K readiness standards.

Our primary goal is to get your children ready for Kindergarten via these guidelines:

  1. At all times, a safe and healthy atmosphere must be provided, as well as nutritional meals.
  2. Implementing developmentally appropriate activities that support the entire child’s growth and development (physical, motor, social/emotional, literacy, language, and cognitive abilities).
  3. A collaboration between the Early Coalition of Orange County, DCF, 4C, and the Orange County Public School System to improve each child’s Kindergarten preparation.

Our objectives are met via constant direct supervision, reduced child-to-teacher ratios, ongoing staff education, excellent nutrition, physical health awareness, safe equipment, age-appropriate materials, and continual process improvements.

Our program, inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach to Teaching, promotes these beliefs:
  • Learning is a right, not a need, for children.
  • Children can learn on their own, so the curriculum should be child-centered.
  • Children can converse in a hundred different languages.
  • Teachers are there to assist and lead students in their learning; thus, the curriculum is child-driven and teacher-framed.
  • The environment is a great teacher
  • Parents should be engaged in the curriculum, and the roles of parents, children, and instructors should all result in the formation of strong bonds.
  • Project-based learning should be used to teach children, and each project’s documentation should be rich in observations and comments.
  • While a Daily Schedule should be followed, temporal continuity should be maintained as possible so that children may continue their learning.

Our teaching and support staff members are dedicated to providing a loving, caring, and nurturing environment in which we educate children on how to study in a manner comparable to the family setting in which they grow up. All of our employees are given opportunities for professional development regularly to maintain the high quality of our program.


Professional Staff

Our teachers have several years of teaching experience and have completed at least Associate Degrees, Bachelor’s, or Masters Degrees in a subject related to early childhood education. These experts have over 20 years of professional experience. They will be given ongoing training to help them retain academic competence and stay up-to-date in child development, health, and safety.

In one of the qualifying employment requirements, our youngsters are acting as judges. At the owner level, we have 3 interviews: with the owner, with the director, and with colleagues. And at the child level, we have 3 interviews: with the parents, the teacher, and their peers.

This person must spend one hour in the classroom interacting with the children for the interview process to be complete. The children’s response will provide us with helpful information on whether or not the applicant should be given the job.

Continuous training and growth are at the core of what we believe in.


Meet Our School Director

TLC Director

“I am Helen Batie, Director at The Learning Center of South Park. I earned my degree in Early Childhood Education in 2000 and have worked in the industry for nearly 20 years now. Starting out as an infant teacher and working my way up over the years.”

“As the Director, my goal is to provide a sound program that encourages growth both academically and physically. We find that a great strategy in reaching children is to encourage them to be observant as well as to ask questions, and then to try to find the answers themselves. Especially because they are so curious about how stuff works. But we also know to be successful, we must join our efforts and partner with our parents to help our children have a successful home and school life. Their success is our success.”

At TLC, we have an open-door policy, feel free to stop by the office anytime. We invite you to visit your child’s classroom and ask questions, but most importantly, we’d loved that you stay involved.
It is my privilege to work with you and your family and look forward to accomplishing great things at The Learning Center of South Park.


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