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They can account for literacy as adaptation to a dominant discourse, literacy as power through practicing dominant forms, and literacy as grace by participating socially in human meaning-making activities 13 , each of which is an important practice for our program.

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Popl wha in clos contact with th inctd pson, such as mmbs th sam houshold, should alsb chckd scabis.

Us Acticin (pmthin cam) as odd by you docto. ad all inomation givn tyou. ollow all instuctions closly.

Symptoms scabis includ an intns itching that is usually wos at bdtim. You may alss small, in, wavy lins on th skin with a tiny insct at th nd (a buow). Buows a usually ound on ing/twbs, wists, lbows, ampits, blt lin, low buttocks, mal nippls, mal gnitals. vn i pmthin kills all th scabis, th dad mits can still mak you itch up t4 wks at tatmnt. Ask you doctabout oth mdications that may b usd tsooth th itching. Inom you docti you condition psists wosns 2 wks at tatmnt. You doctmay nd tlook living mits and commnd mtatmnt.

Patints wlth scabis should b advisd that itching, mild buning and/ stinging may occu at application pmthin cam. In clinical tials, appoximatly 75% patints tatd with pmthin cam whcontinud tmanist puitis at 2 wks had cssation by 4 wks. I iitation psists, thy should consult thi physician. Pmthin cam may b vy mildly iitating tth ys. Patints should b advisd tavoid contact with ys duing application and tlush with wat immdiatly i pmthin cam gts in th ys.

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