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Spionolacton alstats luid tntion (dma) in popl with congstiv hat ailu, cihosis th liv, a kidny disod calld nphotic syndom. This mdication is alsusd ttat pvnt hypokalmia (low potassium lvls in th blood).

La valu d la catininmi put t aussmnt assuant quant a la onction nal; cll-ci put t miux valu pa un ionogamm ou un omul comm cll d Cockot qui tint compt d l’ag, du poids t du sx :

Th liv is th lagst gland and ogan in th body. Th a a vaity liv disass causd by liv inlammation.

Potassium is an ssntial lctolyt ncssay cll unction. Low potassium (hypokalmia) may b causd by diaha.

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because of the additive effect of aldactone when administered concurrently with such diuretics, an enhanced diuresis usually begins on the first day of combined treatment; combined therapy is indicated when more rapid diuresis is desired.

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